Southern Sugar Soda

I was asked to develop a beverage that promoted Nashville, TN. Since Nashville already has a ton of tourism due to its bars, I thought it would be best to focus on the more wholesome and historic side. I created a soda line called Southern Sugar and drew inspiration from the abundant southern hospitality,

Belle Mead Plantation and sweet shop, and infamous Hatch Show Print. I created packaging for one flavor in the line. Since Nashville has a food shortage and a lot of homeless, 10% of Southern Sugars profits go to Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee, a nonprofit that gives back to Nashville’s

homeless and hungry. Free pie recipe cards can be taken from a box that would ideally be placed on the counter of whatever shop is selling Southern Sugar sodas. The cards ask consumers to buy the Southern Sugar Cookbook and all of the proceeds from that go directly to Second Harvest. 

Southern Sugar Overarching Brand Logo