SLAY Board Game

SLAY is a cooperative trivia board game that I conceived, created, and assembled. Players are knights trying to collect their stolen suits of armor from the sleeping dragon. If everyone gets full matching suits before the dragon wakes up you win, but if one person doesn't you all lose.

The game's true goal is to challenge 

and change any gender bias/sexism 
the players have. The target audience
is middle and high school children
since it's easier to change your bias at
a younger age. This is done through embedded design (only 20% of the
trivia questions related to gender),

the first-person narrative, fantasy focus, and making the players fight against doubt together. The best part? If you all win, you get to slay the dragon by putting your swords in the dragon which turns off its red eyes! Please read the description below for the game backstory and longer description.